Trabzon: Your Getaway from the Sweltering Summer Heat

The second biggest city in the Black Sea region, Trabzon is a Turkish city nestled tight between the Uzungol mountains. Lush with verdant valleys, colossal mountains and a welcoming people, Trabzon must definitely be on your list if you’re touring that part of the world.


At first sight, Trabzon would look like a tranquil mountain town sitting on the Black Sea coast. However, there’s more to it: the town traces its roots back as far as the 8 th century, and was once a part of the legendary silk road. That spells for a lot of historical places to visit!


If you’re touring the verdant town of Trabzon, you’ll find the opulence of nature in the city. From ancient castles to modern landmarks, you’ll find everything worth your while in Trabzon.


Let’s take a look at some of the most famous points of interest in Trabzon.



Uzungöl is a lakeside hamlet sandwiched between the beautiful mountains of Türkiye. A scenario that could rival the Swiss Alps, Uzungöl is endowed with the Turkish architecture that is clearly embodied in the mosques and government buildings. A great advantage of visiting this place is that unlike similar tourist destinations in Switzerland, this place is crowd-free and offers a similar, if not better, experience. So, if you’re into hiking, no better a place to start than Uzungöl.

Trabzon Castles and Walls

View of a castle in Trabzon


The town was once a bustling trade stop on the historic silk road, serving as a place of respite to weary travellers. Hence, it retains a major part of its history in the form of castles and monasteries. There are a lot of historical places you can visit, including the Trabzon castle that encapsulates the more ancient parts of the city.

Pokut Highland

A view of the Pokut ridge with amongst the clouds


To the east of Trabzon lies the Pokut Highland, a splendorous ridge that’s over 2000m above sea level. Getting to Pokut can prove to be arduous, as it’s a journey through anfractuous roads and perilous turns, but totally worth it.


Once you venture on to Pokut Yaylasl, the Turkish village, you can indulge yourself with an early Turkish breakfast. A picnic in the mountains floating in the clouds is truly a memory you can hold onto forever.

Sumela Monastery

A view of a monastery embedded in the mountains

Sumela Monastery dates back all the way to the 4 th century. Embedded to the side of a mountain, the very sight of the monastery clinging onto the Zigana mountain is a remarkable sight. Legend has it that in the 4 th century, the icon of the Virgin Mary was borne in this particular cleft. Barnabus and Sophronius, two hermits, happened upon the deserted icon and restored it. A visit to the monastery is a must if you are learning Turkish history.

Hagia Sophia Museum

A view of a Trabzon street with the Hagia Sophia Museum as a backdrop

A symbol of the opening of the city of Trabzon, the Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the most spectacular Byzantine-style structures. What’s interesting is that in addition to the Christian art, the structure borrows from the Seljuk Period Islamic art, exhibiting its characteristic superior stone workmanship.


At this museum, you can witness the bell tower that was built during 1426-27. It was used primarily as an observatory and also as a beacon. You can visit the tower during daytime and get a good glimpse of the surroundings.


Trabzon is well-connected with the rest of Turkey, but the easiest way to get there from outside of Turkey is by flights from neighbouring airports.


If you’re an outdoor person looking to explore the Turkish hills, then you have two sports that you can try out:


Tandem Paragliding: Admire the beauty of Trabzon from a bird’s eye view in Uzungöl. You can easily book a 15-20 minute tandem paragliding flight over the Black Sea Coast, Sera Lake, and Akçaabat.


Whitewater Rafting: If there’s one way to soak in the ambiance of nature, then it’s through rafting. Surge your adrenaline levels with a rafting adventure in the turbulence of the Fırtına (Srorm) River. And then, you can visit the village of Senyuva or take a walk down the historic stone arch bridges.


Travel Restrictions


Travel from the UAE to Turkey is allowed with minimal paperwork, such as filling up this form for entry.


Visa Requirements


The visa requirements for entry into Turkey depends on your nationality. Hence, before booking your flights, check out your visa requirements for your country here.