17 Things to Do in Montenegro in 2022

Montenegro is a young Balkan nation that borders the Adriatic sea along with Croatia and Albania.

The country is home to great beaches, historic towns, awe-inspiring islands, and a welcoming people.

From food to culture, there’s aplenty to see in the “Land of the Black Mountains.” The country’s ambiance is an amalgamation of sea salt, Austrian Pine, oleanders, and stony stairs. With the sounds of the incessant crashing of waves and the screeches of seagulls, your summer in Montenegro will definitely make it a memorable time.

So, if you’re looking forward to take a break from quotidian work life and reenergize yourself, then a visit to Montenegro is a must.

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When you’re in Montenegro, be sure to check out the following tourist attractions without fail:

Kotor Old Town and Bay of Kotor

One of the best preserved fortified medieval towns along the Adriatic coast, Kotor’s Old Town exudes the distinct Venetian style in its architecture. One of the most famous landmarks is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, known for its carved stone altar with architecture from the Middle Ages. You can spend time traipsing through the streets and break for meal at a traditional restaurant. After you’re done tasting the Montenegrin cuisines, you can visit the Great Wall of Kotor, which has over 1,300 steps. If you’re one for road trips, do not miss the Serpentine road that runs from Cetinje to Kotor. Add the Kotor City Private Tour and Kotor Bay Highlights activities to your 3N/4D Kotor Tour Package, starting at only AED 4,084 per person!


On the bay of Kotor lies the beautiful town of Perast. The town is predominantly known for two very important architectural structures: Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Both of these landmarks sit on tiny islets in the bay. The town of Perast lacks a beach but the stone jetties make up for a great vacation spot. You can also visit the Perast Museum to take in the beauty of a magnificent 18 th century palace, holding a rich history of Perast. It’s a town that attracts tourists looking for a relaxing time, for the town goes quiet at sunset. Other points of interest in Perast include St Nicholas’ Catholic Church, which has been functioning from 1616 AD. You can also choose to climb to the adjacent bell tower to get a good view of the dainty village. The trip to Perast can usually be completed in half-a-day, but if history fascinates you, you can also visit the Jelena Palace, Bujovic Palace, and Smekja Palace. However, if you choose to add the Boka Bay Cruising Private Tour, you’d see almost everything the town has to offer.

Lipa Cave

Just east of Budva lies one of the largest caves in Montenegro, Lipa Cave. The tour begins with embarking on a miniature train that will take you through pomegranate and fig orchards to the cave’s yawning entrance. From the entrance, you’ll ascend to a 3.5 km journey through the cave’s innards, where you’ll see the petrification of the salts from the dripping water thousands of years ago. One of the special attributes of this cave is that renowned spelunkers from the 19 th century have left documented work about the cave’s discovery and its abundance of cave ornaments. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a place that’s unsullied and unspoiled by humans, a visit to Lipa cave is a must. Its enriching atmosphere is a haven for anyone looking for an adventure. And if you’re looking to escape the sweltering summer heat, no better a place than Lipa cave to do so because the cave maintains a constant 8-12 degree Celsius. When you’re on your trip to Montenegro, allot a few hours to explore this cavern. The best way to explore it is to add a Lipa Cave Private tour as part of the holiday package. To know more about Lipa Cave, download this brochure.

Blue Grotto (or the Blue Cave)

The Lustica peninsula houses peaceful hamlets, summer beaches, and a striking landmark: the Blue Grotto. The Blue Cave gets its name from the radiant blue hues of the water, which reflects the light from the sandy bottom of the cave. This cave is one of the many large caves in the peninsular. The cave has a rocky terrain with a water depth of only 5m at the entrance. If you happen to have googles, you’d be able to espy small fishes and fries. You will also be able to snorkel in the azure waters of the cave and admire the cave ornaments from beneath. It goes without saying that the Blue Cave is easily one of the most Instagrammable spots in all of Montenegro. You can capture the blue sparkling water while you swim in the mineral-rich water of the cave. Since it has a few underwater springs, the water is always warm, making it a great spot for swimming.

On the way to the cave, you will get a glimpse of the picturesque islands and its landscapes. After your visit to the blue cave, depending on the tour addition you take, the boat will take you to Mamula Island.

The cave is only accessible by boat. Hence, you can book this  3N/4D Montenegro package inclusive of Blue Cave tour. The best time to visit the Blue Grotto is between April and October.

Budva Riviera

One of the gems of Montenegro, this coastline city is primarily a summer beach destination. This 2,500 year old town is a must-visit if you don’t want to miss out on the history of the country. The city is quite close-spaced and has many restaurants and cafes to hang out in. You can grab a smoothie or some tasty pancakes from the many cafes, and explore the city.

Once you’re done exploring the city,s you can slip away to one of the most famous beaches — Mogren Beach, a five-minute walk from town. The country has 18 such beaches, and at Mogren, you’ll find crystal-clear waters with stunning views of the mountains. If you love diving, you can clamber up on the rocks and find yourself a place to dive from. In Montenegro, you’ll find what are called Blue Flag Beaches — it simply means that the sand and water is pristine and environmentally protected from human disposal of waste.

Also, if you’re an outgoing partygoer, the night life in Budva gets abuzz with life.

Skadar Lake

If you want to experience authentic Montenegrin culture, then Lake Skadar is the place to go to. You can start with adding Lake Skadar to your list of activities in your tour package. The largest lake in the Balkans and one of the largest in Europe, Lake Skadar is a hotbed for over 240 different migratory birds from Northern Europe to Africa, and also the largest bird reserve in the world. The lake can be covered in a span of a day or two by boat. A lake cruise in Skadar Lake is the best activity in Skadar National Park. You can also kayak in the lake. You will be greeted with drifting lily-pads and get to watch the birds up and close. When in Montenegro, Skadar lake is one place you can’t miss to see.

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The young country of Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate, making it conducive for a lot of riveting outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, biking, etc. And if you’re a sport-loving person, then check out some of the following outdoor activities you can pursue in Montenegro:

Whitewater Rafting

How does rafting in Europe’s fastest river sound? That’s right. Tara River flows through Tara Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world and deepest in Europe. This 145km river (also known as Tear of Europe) will give you all the adrenaline you’d need. The river has been the common meeting points for rafting enthusiasts from all over the world. With over 20 rapids, whitewater rafting can’t get any more exciting! While rafting, you also have the opportunity to catch over 80 mysterious caves. Not just that, but Tara River was awarded the first place as National Geographic’s recommendation for a tour of life. This itinerary is best suited for adrenaline junkies looking to get the thrill. The best time to go rafting in the Tara River is from April through October.


Hiking might not be an extreme sport, but it’s not for the fainthearted either. Given the country’s rocky terrain, you will find a lot of hike trails and nature trails for a great adventure. Some of the best hiking trails are found in Prokletije National Park, Bjelasica, Lovćen, Bobotov Kuk, and Grlo Sokolovo.

Start your trip at Prokletije National Park. Prokletije simply means “the accursed mountains,” which would add to the thrill of the trip. The park is home to Volušnica, a great viewpoint to look across the Grebaje Valley. You can also visit the Durmitor National Park, which is often described as the most beautiful area in all of Montenegro. You’ll find plenty of hiking trails at this park.

Mountain Biking

Biking in the nature trails is another adventure activity you can take up to soak in the Montenegrin atmosphere. Enjoy biking through the chilly mountains with the warm sunlight resting on your face. And if you do choose to pursue biking, expect some temperature drops throughout your itinerary. Montenegro offers the true wilderness biking, making your biking experience stress-free while giving you a chance to get away from the hubbub of everyday life. There are over 3,000km of biking trails in Montenegro, spread over five national parks. Some of them are Skadar National Park, Lovćen National Park, and Durmitor National Park. You will also find appealing the Vrmac Biking Tour, Bogićevica Private Biking Tour, and Lovćen Biking Private Tour.

If you choose to go with Lovćen National Park, you’d be amazed at all the 25 anfractuous turns, each of them offering a better view than the last. As for Skadar, one of the other ways of exploring it would be by the biking trails around the lake.

The Durmitor National Park is a good contender for biking because of the host of glacial lakes, canyons, and steep mountain peaks it offers. Do not miss taking on the Ring of Durmitor, an 85km long paved road winding through breathtaking sceneries.


If you're looking to Kayak, there's no better place in the country other than Lake Skadar and the Bay of Kotor. It's easy to rent a kayak or be a part of a tour that'll provide you with all you'd need. What's more is that you can kayak your way to the Blue Grotto! How awesome is that? But if you have second thoughts, you also have the option of visiting the Bay of Budva by kayak. Kayaking through the town of Budva is the best way to appreciate the history of the town. You can also choose to single- or double-kayak.

You can also choose to explore the rocky shores of Uvala Veslo bay by kayak and actually reach the famous Blue Grotto! What’s more is that you can explore the cave by swimming and then return the same way.

Kayak your way to the island prison of Grmožur, all the way to the fishing village of Raduš for a seafood spread. But if you’re looking for a laid-back vacation, you can always kayak on the classic Kotor bay. While Kayaking in the Kotor bay, you’ll get a chance at seeing an abandoned palace called Tre Sorele.


This is another extreme sport you’ll love. Montenegro is a country proliferous with rocks! This is what makes it one of the best places in the world for canyoning. The thrill of canyoning stems from the belief that once you’re in, it takes a lot of mental vigor and physical strength to get out. However, even if you’re not after that adrenaline surge, you can still enjoy rappelling down the waterfalls at Zvirine, Rikavac, and Dresnovsnica. If you haven't gone canyoning before, then no better a place to do it than in the Tara Canyon, a 1,300m deep gorge that accommodates the Tara River. While you're in Montenegro, you could also pay a visit to the Nevidio Canyon. It runs for 2.7km and is a great place for amateur canyoneers. Some of the other notable canyons are Moraca River Canyon, Piva Canyon, Medjurecje Canyon, Sopot Canyon, and Mrtvica Canyon.

ATV Tour

A quad bike (also known as All-Terrain Vehicle) is a bike you can take to tour the breathtaking region of Žabljak Crnojevića. When you’re in Montenegro, an ATV tour is a great way to go off-road and explore the Montenegrin wilderness. And what better a place to explore than Žabljak Crnojevića? The regions is littered with many ruins and remains of fortresses, making it one of the best places to explore with your quad bike. 


If you're not afraid of heights, then paragliding from atop the mountains over the calm sea to Becici beach will give you the thrill you seek for. Another extreme sport, paragliding in Montenegro takes place regularly in Kotor, Herceg-Novi, Bar, Budva, Petrovac, and Durmitor.

Wine Tour

The region of Crmnica has always been known for its fine wine. The area has been used since ancient times for the production of grapes and wine. With our tour package, you will be able to visit two rural wine cellars. If you’re a wine connoisseur, the rural ambience is the perfect place for you to visit in Montenegro. Another notable place to visit a Montenegrin winery is the Montenegro Wine Road.

Submarine Tour

A semi submarine tour with our Kotor Panorama and Underwater Experience package will ensure that you can enjoy the entire gamut of the blue waters in Kotor. This package includes panoramic sightseeing of fishermen villages and churches, the Old Town of Kotor (from the deck - 40 minutes), and Underwater exploration (from the cabin - 20 minutes). Some of the coastal villages you’ll see during the tour include Muo, Prčanj and Dobrota. You will also see medieval churches, palaces dating back to the 17 th century and many more historical sites.


Cruising in Skadar Lake is probably the next best thing you can do. Spread almost 370 sq.km, the lake was declared a national park in 1983. It abounds with many islands and peninsulas that hold a lot of history. While you cruise, you’d understand why this lake is known for its diversity in flora and fauna. The cruise at Skadar lake lasts for an hour, and if you choose to, you can also take a swim in the lake and watch over the sunset.


For kite-surfing, Ulcinj is the best place in all of Montenegro. The city has a strip of 12km of beach that make it the best place to kite-surf. You will fall in love the instant you step foot onto the sandy beach.

Make it Happen

Montenegro is a flourishing nation filled with outdoor activities, full of history and cultural landmarks waiting to be explored. So book your holiday package this July as all UAE residents can enjoy a visa-free entry into Montenegro.