Istanbul: The City on Seven Hills

Connecting Europe and Asia, Istanbul has become everyone's dream destination! The city has rich history, culture and colors. Every spot in Istanbul has a story, especially the architecture and food. The  city is Turkey's most populous city as well as its cultural and financial hub. Istanbul's population is estimated to be between 12 and 19 million people, making it also one of the largest cities in Europe and the world.

Istanbul Tours & Activities

Istanbul is full of activities and tour programs, which is why covering the city takes serious time and planning. But here, we got you covered! You can find a lot of tours and activities in a daily basis. Let us take you on a journey to our list of amazing tours! The list below is just a portion of what we have, but you can search for so many other activities in our portal to suit your needs. So... Are you ready? Alrighty then... 3.. 2.. 1.. Lift off! 

Things to Do in Istanbul

  1. Dolmabahce Palace, Cable Car and Bosphorus on boat

Dolmabahce Palace, Cable Car and Bosphorus on boat
Discover the magic of this fabled city between Europe and Asia in this comprehensive full day tour taking in Ottoman Palaces, Roman Fortresses, bustling harbours, serene Imperial gardens and the Bosphorous.
  1. Pergamum

Release your inner Indiana Jones and join us for this fascinating full day tour of one of the largest and most important ancient Greek archaeological sites.
  1. Pamukkale (Hierapolis)

Pamukkale (Hierapolis)
For thousands of years humans have been making their way to Pamukkale and Hierapolis to take it in the rare and fascinating landscape, and to relax in the thermal springs. Join us for this full-day tour out of Istanbul to south-west Turkey and discover just why the ancients flocked here.
  1. Suleymaniye

This tour covers the historical districts of the Suleymaniye area, located on the third hill of the historical peninsula. The mesmerizing Ottoman architecture is sure to leave a lasting memory with you by the end of the day.
  1. Galata

Head off the beaten track and discover one of the most beautiful sites around Istanbul on this tour of Galata. Where Galata now stands, many centuries ago nothing but orchards blanketed the bucolic pastoral hillside. It used to be known back then as Sykai – meaning the Fig Field – and also as Peran en Sykais – the Fig Field on the Other Side.
  1. Dining Out in a Turkish Way

Turkish Dining
Go on a gourmet spree on this fabulous night out in the restaurants of Istanbul. Forget all the Orientalist conceptions of belly dancers and any type of folkloric dancer and even drop the fear of winding up in a tourist trip – this night is the essence of fun. The tour takes you to where the locals go to dinner, real Turkish style.
  1. Escape to Princes' Islands

Princes' Islands
It is hard to believe that one would ever be willing to escape from Istanbul but the queen of all cities of the world is not a jealous lady, and she enables her lovers to take a short time off. One of the best places to spend this time is the Princes’ Islands, once a solitary place for monks and now a vivid summer attraction.
Explore Istanbul at your own pace and see all the famous landmarks, like the Dolmabahce Palace, Ortaköy Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, Maiden Tower, the Bosphorus Bridge to the splendors of the Ottoman Empire.
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