Remember when you started planning your first trip and had no idea what to do? Or maybe you were planning your holiday for a long time and then you realize you forgot something? Yeah that hurts.. what hurts even more is thinking you are doing it right, but in fact you are doing it all wrong.
Here is an advice for you before we get started: Do not listen to those who say, "No need to plan, just travel and you will figure it out." This is absolutely not the right thing to do; because even frequent travelers plan their trips from A to Z, to insure they do not forget the necessary stuff or to not miss out on something that could be amazing and unforgettable.
Today, we are saying no to an unplanned holiday and yes to a perfect, organized, unforgettable one. So, where do you get started? How to travel without any difficulty? How to enjoy the most out of your trip? What should you bring with you? How to pack your travel bag like a pro?
Well, don't worry, we've got you covered! That's why we are giving you the ultimate step-by-step travel guide for planning your holiday perfectly. This works for any kind of holiday no matter how long you are going for.
Just follow the checklist below and you will be ready to go!

Step 1: Choose Your Destination

Step 2: Check Passport & Visa Requirements

Step 3: Who Are You Traveling With?

Step 4: Decide the Length of Your Holiday

Step 5: Research Your Budget

Step 6: Book All-Inclusive Holidays Packages

Step 7: Visit Your Doctor

Step 8: Buy Travel Insurance

Step 9: Pack Your Bags

Step 10: Plan How You Will Tour Around

Step 1:

Choose Your Destination

Choose Your Destination
There are two kinds of travelers: The adventurous nature lover and the city lover. The nature lover is the one who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and enjoy the holiday in calm, scenic countrysides while the city lover is the one who loves the energy of cities, enjoys to explore and see new places, and experience new cultures and activities.
Therefore, the very first step when planning your holiday is deciding where you would like to go and what you would like to do. Also, deciding when to visit a destination is very important. Are you planning to visit London in winter? Or maybe Spain in spring? How about Dubai in summer? All of that depends on you, and choosing a destination to visit depends on its weather condition. is the best website that helps you to decide when to visit a country/city. You can browse among the destinations offered by them starting by choosing the continent, then the country, then the city. After that, a set of weather and climate data will be proposed which will allow you to choose the best time to travel.

Step 2:

Check Passport & Visa Requirements

Check Passport and Visa Requirements
Your Passport
If you are traveling abroad, you won't get very far if you don't have a valid passport. Some countries won’t let you enter unless your passport is valid for at least six months after you plan to leave that country. Some airlines also impose this rule on their own initiative. It can apply even if you’re just transiting or stopping over.
Some foreign governments and airlines apply the rule inconsistently. So make sure your passport is valid and allows you to enter the destination which you would like to go to. The best thing to do is to check with your destination country's government website before embarking on your journey.
Also be aware that if your passport’s pages are nearly or completely filled with stamps, you’ll need to obtain a new passport – even if it’s still valid for a few more years. provides addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and more information for all types of diplomatic and consular missions.
Your Visa
If you are not sure whether or not you require a visa, head over to This website can provide advice on whether or not you may need a visa and it allows you to find visa requirements and document checklist for +238 countries. However, It’s important to take the information from as advice only as it is subject to change.
Check your destination’s embassy or consulate to get to know if there is any visa requirements, travel restrictions, or banned items. Some countries require you to have a visa before you arrive, while others apply visa on arrival.

Step 3:

Who Are You Traveling With?

Who Are You Traveling With?
This decision might be crystal clear to you. Either you choose solo travel, group travel or couple travel. Now this depends on you.
Traveling solo gives the freedom to go anywhere, whenever you feel it's right time for you to visit the destination. And when you reach there, you just go wherever the wind takes you, but you have to do all the planning by yourself - which can seem a bit difficult if you are new to trip planning.
Traveling as a couple is not just bringing your soulmate with you to enjoy the lovely moments, but it also means that your soulmate will be your assistant and a great trip planner. Especially when both of you share the same interests and thoughts. You will have someone to spend time with and you won't feel alone. In addition to that, you might see some places that only allow couples to enter. So, you should take this into consideration.
Traveling with a group makes researching your itinerary faster and it's great for budget travelers. Especially in room sharing, splitting costs of food and transport, group discount deals on activities and much more! You can also divide up luggage to share weight, support each other in tough times and most importantly, being in a group of people can be safe and far less of a target in the unknown parts of the world.
So, which option do you prefer?

Step 4:

Decide the Length of Your Holiday

Decide the Length of Your Holiday
How much does it cost to travel? Well, it depends!
I can't answer your question without knowing how long will you stay there. The length of your trip depends on the destination itself. Some destinations need 10 days to enjoy the most out of them while, on the other hand, 3 days are more than enough to be spent in some other destinations. Now that you have chosen your travel destination, do your research about that destination first, then decide how long will you be staying there.
Here are some useful keywords to type on Google when you research about a travel destination:
  • 10 Things to Do in [City Name]

  • What to Do in [Country Name]

  • Best Places in [City Name]

  • Why You Should Visit [City Name]

  • Most Instagrammable Places in [City Name]

  • 24 Hours in [City Name]

Step 5:

Research Your Budget

Research Your Budget
So now you know where you’re traveling and how long you will be there, but to really estimate how much money you need, your next step is to research the costs in your destination at your desired travel style.
Do you want to go for adventure? or would your rather stay in luxury hotels? How much do you need to spend on hotels, restaurants, and attractions?
Here's how to research costs for your travel plan:
  • Ask your friends, family or anyone who traveled to the destination you are going to.

  • Share your questions on community websites like travel forums and Facebook groups.

  • Google your questions and search for prices.

  • Browse hundreds of millions of traveler reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, you can also compare low prices on hotels, flights, cruises, and activities.

Step 6:

Book All-Inclusive Holidays Packages

Book All-Inclusive Holiday Packages
And now for the fun part: Choosing the ideal holiday package for your next trip!
We all know that booking flights, hotels, transfers and activities separately is very stressful and a waste of time. Sometimes you find a cheap flight but a very expensive 3-night stay, which makes you wish you have everything all together in a good price, upon your preference and desire. Or sometimes you find a great deal but it doesn't suit your schedule because the holiday package was just made this way.
Well, this is why we are here. is kicking this confusion away for your comfort. The website saves your time and money by allowing you to customize your holiday from A to Z. You can choose any destination in the world and customize your holiday package just the way you want! Over 1,000,000 holiday packages including flights, hotels, transfers, and activities are offered to you so you can travel freely without any hasstle.
Here are some of the holiday packages from our website:

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Step 7:

Visit Your Doctor

Visit Your Doctor
A very important part. You may require some travel vaccinations before visiting your destination, depending on the country you’re traveling to and its health situation.
Common travel vaccines include:
  • Hepatitis A and B.

  • Typhoid.

  • Japanese encephalitis.

  • Yellow fever.

  • Tuberculosis (TB).

  • Rabies.

  • Tetanus.

Even if you have traveled to the same destination before, doctors still recommend travelers to do a checkup, as you may require a booster or there may be new health concerns for the country you’re visiting.
In addition, if you need to take any prescription overseas, it’s always a good idea to get your doctor to write a letter detailing the nature of the medicine, how much you’ll be taking, and whether or not your medicine is for personal use or for someone traveling with you, like a child. It’s also important to travel with all medicine in its original package to help with identification.

Step 8:

Buy Travel Insurance

Buy Travel Insurance
Went to your dream destination and suddenly, your phone is stolen. How bad that feeling is! You start regretting you have visited the country. But actually you shouldn't regret visiting it, you should regret not buying a travel insurance. Travel insurance is a specific type of insurance designed to cover the losses a traveler may experience. Some of the losses include pre-paid travel costs like flight tickets, hotel reservations, and cruise payments. Other losses may include the unexpected expense of emergency medical treatment, loss or damage of your luggage or the cost required to recover a dead traveler’s body.
Yes, it’s an added expense from your pocket. But it’s always better to be safe than regretting and feeling sorry!
There are many insurance companies out there, but you can contact American International Group (AIG) if you are looking to get a travel insurance, it is a leading global insurance organization with 100+ years of experience.

Step 9:

Pack Your Bags

Pack Your Bags
Yes! Time to pack for your holiday! While this part of trip planning is somehow frustrating, it's very important to pack in such a way where you meet your airline’s suitcase weight allowance while including all the items you need. Also, it is recommended to bring 1 suitcase and 1 backpack if you are are solo traveler.

How to Choose Luggage and Packs

Before deciding what to pack, it’s very important to find a travel bag that's as versatile as you want it to be, while also fitting all your stuff and being easy to carry. You don't want to be tired lugging heavy bags in your trip. 
There are three main categories of luggage: Wheeled luggage, travel packs and travel duffels.
  1. Wheeled luggage
The obvious advantage of luggage, packs and bags with wheels is how easy they are to transport through the airport and down smooth streets and sidewalks.
There are three types of wheeled luggage: rolling luggage, wheeled duffels and wheeled backpacks.
  1. Rolling luggage
Rolling luggage
Designed for traditional travelers, rolling luggage is what you see most people pulling behind them at an airport.
Best for:
  • Family visits

  • Business travel

  • Road trips

  • Travel to urban areas

  1. Wheeled duffels
Wheeled duffels
Nothing swallows up gear like a duffel bag, and one with wheels is a good choice for multisport travelers. If your adventures frequently require gear of widely varying sizes and shapes, a rolling duffel is a smart way to corral it all.
Best for:
  • Adventure travel

  • Bulky gear

  • Family trips

  • Road trips

  1. Wheeled backpacks
Wheeled backpacks
Popular with adventure travelers, these combine the convenience of wheeled luggage with the mobility of a backpack. You can transport lots of gear with a simple pull of the extendable handle.
Best for:
  • Adventure travel

  • Road trips

  1. Travel packs
Travel packs
These travel-friendly backpacks excel where wheeled luggage cannot: on gravel, cobblestone streets, stairs and other uneven terrain.
Best for:
  • Traveling light

  • Adventure travel

  • Uneven terrain

  1. Travel duffels
Travel duffels
These range from basic duffels (traditional duffels) that you throw over a shoulder to wheeled duffels with extendable handles. The primary advantage of duffels over other options is their simple design.
Best for:
  • Budget travel

  • Climbing trips

  • Adventure travel

So now it's your turn to decide which bag do you need for your trip. Are you looking for a light one but smaller in size? or a bulky odd-shaped one that most of your items can fit in? or maybe a rolling one so you can roll it in the airport and down the street?

What to Pack for Your Holiday

There are a lot of stuff to bring when traveling, and these things depend on whether you are man or woman. But here are the must-have travel essentials that every traveler must consider when going for a holiday:
  • First aid kit

  • Passport and copy of it (soft & hard copy)

  • Multiple credit/debit cards

  • Visa document and copy of it (soft & hard copy)

  • Insurance documents (soft & hard copy)

  • Boarding pass

  • Phone and phone charger

  • Earphones or headphones

  • Wallet

  • Money

  • Keys

  • Camera and camera charger

  • Batteries

  • Socks

  • Shoes

  • Pants

  • Shirts and T-shirts

  • Sleepwear

  • Wet wipes

  • Toothbrush

  • A lockable case for any valuables

  • Glasses and glasses case

  • Neck pillow

  • Umbrella

  • Suncream

Step 10:

Plan How You'll Tour Around

Plan How You'll Tour Around
Here we've come up with useful websites and tools that will take your tour experience to the next level! It is always good to be prepared before you set your foot in your destination.

Research the Local Public Transport System

Before you travel, research your destination's public transport system to have an idea on how to get around once you land. Perhaps you want to take a taxi? or maybe taking a bus is easier? how about you see most of your stops by foot?

Google Maps Offline

Google, of course. If you have a mobile data then that's awesome. But if you don't, there is a solution for that. Before you leave your home, make sure you download the map of the cities you will be visiting, the download size might be big, therefore it's better to connect to your home WiFi.
When you get to your destination, open Google Maps, and tap on your account profile, then tap on "Offline maps". This allows you to view the map you have downloaded in offline mode and still receive directions and suggestions without internet connection.

If you don't know how to reach a specific area in your destination, then is the perfect solution. You can discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry, car or even walking. Also, when you search for the destination, the website shows accommodations, car hire, things to do, blogs and much more. is the best website to book car rentals. You can compare 900 companies at over 60,000 locations. the website is great to search for car rental services in your travel destination and see what customers are saying. The website is also great to book a Self-Drive car. And it also shows you the prices, reviews, car details and much more.

Money exchange has always been a big hassle when you travel overseas. Sometimes you have no idea how much the exchange rate for the local currency. allows you to get free live currency rates, tools, and analysis using the most accurate data worldwide.

Enjoy Your Trip!

And now, everything is ready. All you have to do is travel to your dream destination and plan it according to the steps mentioned.
If you’re feeling nervous, don’t worry — this is totally fine. You’re about experience a wonderful adventure — and that’s something to be excited about! Feeling nervous is something every traveler experiences. But guess what, planning it perfectly is what matters. And you’ve made it this far. Trust your planning, follow your instincts, and you’ll have an unforgettable trip.